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A Message from the Director: Nov, 2021

A Message from the Director: Nov, 2021

Brian Jack MD, Director of LeBoHADuring my September trip to the Mountain Kingdom, I learned that there are now an additional three Basotho Doctors in the rural, mountainous town of Mokhotlong: a Family Medicine specialist consultant who trained in the LeBoHA Family Medicine Specialty Training Program (FMSTP), a registrar currently in training in the FMSTP, and an intern – training in the LeBoHA National Medical Internship Program.

This news caused me to reflect on the progress made in Lesotho. When LeBoHA started more than 15 years ago, there were only 130 doctors in the country, only 30 were Basotho, and all of the Basotho worked in the capital of Maseru.

Now, combining the FMSTP and internship, there are now more doctors in LeBoHA programs than there were in the country 15 years ago.

Having a doctor who knows the country, culture and language — and who desire to care for people in communities similar to where they are from– is not lost on the people of the Mountain Kingdom. People of the districts are noticing the difference.

For the doctors in these rural areas, these teams provide the collegiality and support needed for their continued professional development — and to implement quality improvement programs — that are so necessary for them to succeed in their work.

We are proud of these accomplishments.

This progress would not have been possible without your generosity. Your ongoing support helps fund critical needs such as intern and registrar teaching, faculty development, and needed medical equipment. We deeply appreciate your contributions that help us touch more lives.

Please contact us directly to set up a time to talk, or to request more details about our work.

Brian Jack MD, Director of LeBoHA

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