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LeBoHA receives the UN, WHO Special Programme on Primary Health Care Award

LeBoHA receives the UN, WHO Special Programme on Primary Health Care Award

The Lesotho-Boston Health Alliance (LeBoHA, or “thank you” in Sesotho) is the proud recipient of the World Health Organization’s Special Programme on Primary Health Care.

The WHO Special Programme on Primary Health Care has joined forces with the United Nations Inter-Agency Task Force on the Prevention and Control of Non-communicable Diseases for the Awards programme to expand recognition for work in primary care for prevention and control of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs).

The Awards recognize outstanding commitment and action to prevent and control NCDs and deliver integrated people-centered primary care. Since its registration in 2007, LeBoHA has with Lesotho’s Ministry of Health and in cooperation with Boston University faculty, to assist the government to strengthen a Bosotho-run health system to meets the needs of the people of Lesotho. Its programs focus on recruiting, training, and retaining physicians, nurses, and other health professionals in the country.

Global Primary Care has supported the work done by LeBoHa and other projects committed to increasing access to primary care services in highly underserved communities. Our Board members are delighted that our colleagues are being recognized for their outstanding work.

A Message from the LeBoHA CEO: Accepting the 2022 STFM Innovative Program Award


During my recent trip to the United States in May, I was honored to accept on behalf of LeBoHA the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine (STFM) 2022 Innovative Program Award. The meeting in Indianapolis was a good opportunity to reconnect with many former students, residents and faculty who had previously traveled to Lesotho to work with LeBoHA. We also were able to make a presentation describing LeBoHA’s work over the last nearly 20 years. It was an honor to discuss our work with many family physicians with extensive global health who were so complementary of LeBoHA’s accomplishments. We also networked with other successful Family Medicine programs and learned new strategies to help LeBoHA grow. We also had fun presenting a Basotho hat to the president of STFM and dancing to Lesotho music while we were on the stage!


After the ceremony, I traveled with the LeBoHA director, Prof. Brian Jack, to Boston where we met with the Dean and Provost of the Boston University School of Medicine, the Chair of the Department of Family Medicine and many others.

Finally, the trip concluded with a reception for LeBoHA alumni, who shared their warmth with me, and together we reconnected and celebrated LeBoHA’s achievements.

To be honored and recognized in such a grand way was truly humbling and a reflection of the accomplishments the entire LeBoHA team has made in recent years. I want to thank everyone who has supported LeBoHA in the past, and for those who continue to do so. Your ongoing support helps fund critical needs in our priority areas such as faculty and staff development, expanding postgraduate physician training, providing continuous professional development programs for nurses and building a new ornamental gate at the LeBoHA postgraduate training campus.

We deeply appreciate your contributions that help us touch more lives.

Elizabeth Nkabane Nkholongo RN, MPH, Phd (c)

CEO, Lesotho-Boston Health Alliance

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