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Mountains of Hope

Mountains of Hope

About “Mountains of Hope”

The documentary film, “Mountains of Hope”, written and directed by Patrick Christell, is set inside the small, landlocked country of Lesotho (pronounced Le-soo-too). It chronicles the struggles of the country’s healthcare system, battling HIV/IAIDS, weak infrastructure, and brain drain yet shines a spotlight on the government and its key partners to turn the nation from despair to one of hope. The film highlights the work being done by organizations like the Lesotho-Boston Health Alliance (LeBoHA) and its partner, Global Primary Care. Be inspired and watch this compelling and entertaining film about a beautiful country and its strong people working to make life happier and healthier for its people.

The Kingdom of Lesotho's fight for healthcare. Created by the Lesotho-Boston Health Alliance at Boston University Medical Center.

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