Global Primary Care’s deepest and longest ties to its projects are in Lesotho. Since its founding in 2006, it has been engaged in supporting numerous programs that continue to thrive and flourish. Those programs have created blueprints for successful projects that are being emulated in other parts of the world.

Global Primary Care has organized to support the activities of the Lesotho-Boston Health Alliance (LeBoHA) in Lesotho. With the support and participation of the Government of Lesotho and funding from a number of organizations, LeBoHA has carried out numerous successful projects with goals focused on:

  • Create systems and programs to recruit, train, and retain quality healthcare workers able to the meet the unique needs and demands of the local population;
  • Develop management practices and policies that support continuous improvement and maximum effectiveness of health services in Lesotho; and
  • Generate capacity for conducting systems analysis and planning that promotes efficiency, equity and sustainability within the administrative systems in healthcare in Lesotho.

Two of the most substantial and sustainable programs in Lesotho

The Bill Bicknell Academic Center – a purpose-built center to provide dedicated spaces to conduct training sessions for healthcare providers as well as housing for volunteers, students, and other participants engaged in improving healthcare services in Lesotho.

Family Medicine Specialty Training Program (FMSTP) – a unique program was designed to strengthen district level health services in Lesotho while encouraging Basotho medical doctors trained outside of Lesotho to return home to practice medicine. The FMSTP program was accredited by the Lesotho Council of Higher Education in 2013. Upon successful completion, the graduates qualify as Specialists/Masters in Family Medicine.

Success breeds more success

The Bicknell Academic Center has received funding to develop additional buildings and resources to expand the capacity of the Center to teach and host visitors. More students are graduating from the Family Medicine Specialty Training Program and the program itself is expanding to include specialty training in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Global Primary Care continues to support these vital programs – with your help.

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