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Two Impressive Basotho Doctors

Two Impressive Basotho Doctors

Registrar Spotlight: Dr. Moletsane Moeko
First year registrar from Maseru, Lesotho

Why did you choose Family Medicine? To be a doctor who can make a difference, who not only cures the disease but heals the patient holistically.

What do you like about FMSTP? I feel like I’m becoming a better person with this program.

What has your experience as a doctor in Lesotho been during the pandemic? COVID-19 pandemic as greatly affected the quality of our patient management. Physical distancing and masking has impacted the doctor and patient relationship, and less opportunity for human “touch” as we have limited or physical examination of patients. There are also frustrating stock outs of PPE, unavailability of oxygen and many medications that are needed to treat patients.

Largest challenges you face on a daily basis? Working in resource limited settings, there are often no reagents for laboratory tests. This makes it hard for us to treat the diseases we know how to treats such as HIV and TB that are so common in the country.
Anything else you want people to know about you? I’m also an aspiring entrepreneur!

LeBoHA Reaches the Basotho Diaspora Association

Dr. Makhethe VumaPictured here is former LeBoHA staff member, Dr. Makhethe Vuma, MBBCh, who has returned to the LeBoHA family as Director of Diaspora Communications. Makhethe will be a liaison with the recently founded Basotho Diaspora Association (BDA), where she sits on the Executive Board. With LeBoHA, she will help us to spread LeBoHA’s message across the world. Recently Makhethe spoke during the Lesotho’s Prime Minister’s visit to the United Nations.

Click here to learn more about the BDA

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